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Been a While

Well once again I find myself struggling to keep up with everything…imagine that.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with my constant battle with procrastination, yes it’s a nasty little habit I have.  Anyhow, it’s been a while since I last “blogged” though I better catch everyone up (what are there like 4 of you following me now lmao)!  I decided to go back to school, yep I’m a college student!  I’m pursuing a degree in Business Management and marketing, so if you know of any good paying jobs that fit that field, hook-a-sista up!  Also celebrating my 29th birthday “again” no really I’m not ashamed to say I’m now 34, don’t feel that old and sure don’t look that old, and if I do, don’t tell me, let me have my little fantasies kay..K.  Also got the pleasure sharing my birthday celebration with my Step-son, we had a HUGE bonfire like embers touching the stars huge.  Big fire small crowd, couldn’t have been better.  Well I guess that’s about it for now.  Oh I went Christmas shopping, this is the first time ever I’ve gotten this much Christmas shopping this early, usually I wait until like the week before…..Well until next time I bid you a due <3, have a wonderful holiday and love your family, I know I love mine!!


Back to School

Well I dropped our sweet little Tabnic off for her first day of 6th grade. When we got to the school I asked her if she would like me to walk her in (like I’ve done on the 1st day the past 6 years)… Her reply “No I’m good, I am in 6th grade now mom”… Kinda broke my heart a little but than again I remember that feeling from when I was her age and just tell myself, it’s not me it’s her LOL…She has really turned into an awesome kiddo, I’d like to take the credit but I’m pretty sure that that award goes to her Daddy. I’m so blessed and lucky to have all the family and friends that I do!


Just FYI, this weekend is my Fifteen year (yes that’s right 15yr.) class reunion. We’re camping, floating Barbequing and chilaxin by the water….  I’m sure to have some funny pics, stories and interesting highlights to post about after that. 


O.k.  So it seems it’s been one week ago today since my last post…maybe this means I need to start doing more interesting and exciting things so I’ll have more to write about,  then again maybe I all ready do lots of things but I’m just a secretive person hahaha, ya maybe.  Anyhow, what have I been up to since my last post, well we had 3 kid-free nights, night #1 Backroading and ended up Dawt Mill then attended the “after party” at the bridge got home about 3 a.m.  day #2 Springfield shopping trip, and picked up the DS that I won (yay me) then, stopped to see my good buddy E while there and my BBF & Adopted Sis, Cin on the way home….so ya, another 3a.m. home arrival, hey we’re pretty interesting after all lol.  #3 Bought a waveRunner (so of course it rained for the first time in 3 weeks!) spent the day at the lake with the BFF her man some of thier friends and Mike and I’s best man (yes mine and Mike’’s a package deal) def. have some one of a kind friends…can’t remember what we did that night huh, I think maybe we just hung out at the house in the peace and quite.  Sunday our babies came home around 2ish and I think we all retired about 7:30 p.m.

Wish I was there

Wish I was there

So it’s only 112 degrees with no relief, or rain, in site…As I set here in my climate controlled office in the basement of the courthouse with goosebumps on my arms, I can’t help but to think of those with “real jobs” that are suffering out in this heat. Let’s keep those people in mind today and while you’re thinking of them maybe slip in a little prayer for rain too it’s now been 25 days since we’ve had more than 2-3 drops of rain at our place. Anyhow, as the “title of the pic says” I really do wish I was there, maybe tomorrow afternoon, So if you’re on the river this weekend and you see us be sure to say hey!!


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Official First day of Summer

Well it’s officially Summer today, June 20th is, according to the calendar, the first day of the Summer season. I think we’ve been feeling Summer for about a month now, speaking of about a month, this Saturday is Mike and I’s 1 month Anniversary! This picture is actually from our wedding celebration float trip the Saturday after we were married, I believe this was when “Best Man” Luther was giving his speech! Where does time go? I guess what they say is true, time flies when you’re having fun and while we’re on the subjects of fun and Summer, be sure to check out my blog to see what kind of Summer Fun we’ve been up to. Will TRY my best to keep everything up to date….ENJOY your FIRST DAY of SUMMER!!!

So it’s been two weeks today since our May 23rd, wedding.  In a way it doesn’t seem possible, then on the other hand it seems so long ago.  The morning of the wedding drug on forever, I had nothing to do, which sounds funny coming from the Bride to be right, that’s what everyone kept telling me, wow you’re so calm, you’re so easy to work with, why aren’t you nervous…idk I guess I knew everything would work out one way or another, it’s not like they can start without me, that’s what I said when I was being told I was going to be late.  All that really mattered was the fact that I was marrying my best friend, Mr. Perfect, the most awesome man in the world, and nothing or nobody was going to ruin that, there was no way they could anyhow.  As the music started and the wedding party proceeded to their appointed locations, my dad jokingly said, last chance, there’s your truck, make a run for it…I just laughed and said nope This is gonna happen now lol…Dad smiled and it will, you two are meant to be married.  Then the bridal march song came on and we were up…11 minutes later I was Mrs. Michael Richards….Can you believe that 11 minutes, that’s it.  So ladies remember this one thing when you’re stressing that everything is perfect for your wedding day the ceremony is 11 minutes who’s going to notice that bow is missing on that chair or the flower girl didn’t drop exactly 164 petals or that you’re wearing flip flops lol…All they are going to notice is you and your future husband standing there exchanging vows and promising to love each other for all of eternity and yes that only takes 11 minutes.  I love my husband Michael Richards so much Happy Two-Week Anniversary Babe!! ❤Image


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